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What is the 3/4 Handicap Bet? Guide to Placing 3/4 Handicap Bets

3/4 handicap bets are continually offered by reputable bookmakers, regardless of the scale of the match. Players will frequently encounter this type of bet. So how do you read this bet? If you come across a match with a 3/4 handicap, should you place a bet? Let’s find out todays football tips together.

What is the 3/4 Handicap Bet?

To understand the 3/4 handicap bet precisely and accurately according to player practices, you only need to know that this is a type of handicap bet with a handicap ratio of 3/4 or 0.75 goals.

If a football match has a bookmaker offering a handicap with a ratio of 3/4 goals, the weaker team will receive 0.75 goals in the final score.

Typically, with a handicap ratio of 3/4 goals, we often see this in HDP (Handicap) bets during the first half or in matches where the teams have equal strength and form.

Is the 3/4 Handicap Bet Difficult to Play?

In terms of difficulty, this bet is not hard to play because the specified handicap is limited to 0.75 goals. If you understand the rule of reading the 3/4 handicap, you will find this bet very easy to play.

This is because the method of calculating wins and losses for this bet has some differences. There will be cases where even the underdog still loses half the bet.

Moreover, since the handicap is 0.75 goals, there will be no refund in the case of a draw. While playing at major football bookmakers, the system will automatically calculate the winnings and losses. However, to understand how much money you win or how to know if the payout is correct when you win, you need to have some basic knowledge of how to calculate a 3/4 handicap bet.

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Guide to Reading 3/4 Handicap Odds in Football Betting

This type of odds is interpreted as follows, especially for beginners, so please refer carefully before making decisions.

Handicap odds: 0.75 left The weaker team receives an additional 0.75 left in the scoreline result. The stronger team will give the weaker team an additional 0.75 left. Each betting option corresponds to the team you choose. On the bookmaker's board, there will be 2 odds boxes for the over and under bets for the two teams. These odds levels will fluctuate continuously. Typically, the over team will have lower odds than the under team.

Based on the match's conclusion, we will have the following results: If the stronger team wins over the weaker team by just 1 goal => Betting on over wins half, betting on under loses half. If the difference between the over and under teams is 2 goals or more => Over wins fully, while under loses fully. In the case of a draw or a loss by the stronger team compared to the under team => Under wins fully, while betting on over loses.

Therefore, if you encounter a match with a handicap odds of 3/4 left, feel free to place your bets. However, it's crucial to calculate and analyze the match information thoroughly. Predicting incorrectly can lead to a high likelihood of losing this bet.

Most Winning Tips for Reading 3/4 Odds Here are some of the easiest winning tips for reading 3/4 odds:

If the favorite team is holding a 3/4 handicap and the odds are 0.80 over a long period, choose the underdog team.

Choose the over if the favorite team has effective attacking lines, while the underdog team has extremely weak defense.

Choose the under if the match is played at the underdog team's home ground. Also, consider if the underdog team's attacking and over lines are balanced.

Players should select the over if the match is played at the over team's home ground. Naturally, the over team will have a stronger attack compared to the under team.

According to Bet69 bookmakers, the 3/4 left handicap odds with a win rate of 0.85 or higher. Therefore, continuously monitor the odds changes 4 hours before the match starts. Also, it suddenly increases 30 minutes before the match starts. With this awareness, betting should be in favor of the home team.

Players can bet on the over team after watching for about 15 minutes during the match. Wait for the 3/4 handicap odds to drop to 1/2 before reversing the bet to the over.

Guide to Placing 3/4 Handicap Bets Step 1: Access the online sports hall at reputable bookmakers. Here's the link for quick access. Step 2: Choose the match you want to bet on. Step 3: Evaluate the 3/4 handicap odds, select the suitable match. Step 4: Follow the betting tips, gather additional information about both teams in the match. After detailed analysis, make your betting decision.

Once the bet is placed, you will receive a confirmation ticket. Finally, just wait for the match result to know the outcome of your chosen bet.


By now, you've learned about the concept of 3/4 handicap odds. Feel free to confidently explore reputable betting venues to place these bets. Rest assured, these football betting bookmakers will help you best betting tips app experience betting as expected.


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