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Neuroscience, Jungian Type and Mathematics--Insights into Student Struggles: Jane Kise at TEDxEnola


Jane Kise has researched MBTI and education for over 30 years. Dr. Kise is an INFJ and she specifically talks about the struggles ISTPs have in mathematics in the education system.

I am an ISTP, I connected with Dr. Kise and we discussed the my experience in math course in my academic career. I had to be an autodidact to learn math meaning, I taught myself. My entire my career in in Executive Clinical Leadership and Program Design of Cognitive-Behavioral Science Health and Wellness Coaching Corporates Programs, I have assigned the role as satatiscaian for Data Analysis and Visualization.

My level of expertise in mathematics is unexpected since my Bachelors Degree was Exercise and Sports Science (Physics Based ). I have an MBA, which requires mathematics and analytical thinking, ISTP females are rare (2.3%) and extremely logical mathematics and physics come natural to me.


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